ESSIAL will use laser surface texturizing in order to improve the performance and functionalities of laminated magnetic circuits, while preserving a high mechanical and thermal resistance.

In addition, the improved materials will be eco-friendly (no emission of pollutant during their working life); and made of materials that are easy to recycle.

At the end of this four-year project, the ESSIAL consortium aims to:

  • Decrease iron losses due to magnetic reversal processes by 20% (namely the excess magnetic losses),
  • Control and decrease mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise by 20%,
  • Make the deposition/removal of insulating layer easier for sustainable manufacturing process chains,
  • Integrate new laser processes with maximum 10% price increase,
  • Implement innovative and unconventional technologies along the European manufacturing value chain,
  • Transfer the ESSIAL technology to European clusters and companies.


Achieving these goals will help Europe reaching the objectives of the energy transition agenda, while strengthening European industrial base.