Find out more about the roles of ESSIAL partners! 

Olivier Maloberti, ESSIAL Coordinator - ESIEE Amiens

Olivier Maloberti is the scientific coordinator of ESSIAL. He explains here what ESSIAL is all about and what impact is expected for the European industry. 


Yves Hernandez, MULTITEL

Yves Hernandez is the Head of the Applied Photonics Department at MULTITEL. In this interview, he tells us about the crucial role of lasers in ESSIAL and what challenges he has to tackle.


Camille Pineau, IRT-M2P

Camille Pineau is a research engineer at IRT-M2P (Institute for Technological Research on Materials, Metallurgy and Processes). Discover his interview here


Préscillia Dupont, JEUMONT Electric/UPJV

Préscillia Dupont joined the project through a CIFRE PhD fellowship within JEUMONT Electric and UPJV, in close collaboration with ESIEE Amiens. In this interview, she explains her background and role in 3 questions & answers.


Herman Nollet, EREA

Herman Nollet is manager at EREA (Belgium) one of the largest low-voltage energy-efficient transformer companies in Europe, which joined ESSIAL in October 2020. In this interview, Herman tells us about what EREA’s involvement and expectations as a newcomer in the project.