Updates: 6-month extension and a new partner

In those peculiar times of change, ESSIAL has submitted an amendment to the European Commission to propose certain changes related to the project. The amendment, validated by the Project Officer, includes two important modifications:

  • In the context of COVID-19, ESSIAL is extended by 6 months in order to tackle the risks of delay due to the closure of research infrastructures during sanitary quarantine measure. The project will therefore end in April 2022, instead of October 2021. We will soon provide an updated planning of the different tasks and deliverables according to the project extension.
  • ESSIAL welcomes a new partner in the consortium: EREA (Belgium), one of the largest low-voltage transformer companies in Europe. EREA replaces SEPSA, which is leaving the project, and will, among other things, be in charge of the realisation of a prototype in the framework of WP5. More information on the arrival of EREA in ESSIA soon on our website!