Towards a virtual version of MAGAME thanks to Anne Sophie Bamoni

ESSIAL is transforming MAGAME, the board game on magnetisation of materials created as part of the project in 2019, into a video game. Anne Sophie Banomi, an engineering student at ESIEE Amiens / Unilasalle, was recruited as an intern to carry out the project.

Discover the MAGAME rules in its analogical version here. The virtual version of the game should be ready by the end of summer 2021.

In the meantime, discover the profile of Anne Sophie Banomi, 22, and her motivations for the MAGAME internship:

"Of Gabonese origin, I obtained my scientific baccalaureate in Libreville (Gabon). I have been an engineering student at ESIEE Amiens (now Unilasalle) since the preparatory cycle and am currently in my second year of the engineering cycle. I chose to join the GRIT (Computer Networks & Telecoms Engineering) specialisation. During my training, I gradually developed a passion for new technologies.

Today, the fields of computer science, such as computer networks and software development - mobile, web or TV for example - are constantly evolving and now occupy an omnipresent place in our lives. I see myself making a career in the field of software development, because of the great diversity of possibilities to provide solutions which is very stimulating.

Since the 1st of April I have started my internship at Euronovia, partner of the ESSIAL project. The aim is to develop the video game version of MAGAME, intended for students and the general public. Its aim is to understand the principles of magnetism. I was seduced by this internship because of the different fields it brings together such as the Internet, algorithms, physics (with magnetism). This internship is for me a real challenge, an opportunity to discover new things, such as the "Unity 3d" software, new concepts, a new way of programming, to bring together 2 different fields (physics and programming)."