Presentation of ESSIAL results at 2DM 2018 in Grenoble

First ESSIAL results were disclosed during the 2DM 2018 International Workshop on 1&2 Dimensional Magnetic Measurement and Testing. You can dowload here the slides of Olivier Maloberti's talk (ESIEE Amiens), as well as the three posters prepared for this event.

Presentation: Testing and identifying the sheet thickness dependence of a scalar dynamic magnetization property based on domains and walls within the diffusion-like equation for GO SiFe


Poster 1:

PDF icon Poster 1: (1.6 MB)

Poster 1: Sensitivity analysis of iron loss and hysterisis' models' parameters to the sheets' thickness and magnetic polarization according to the quality of GO SiFe materials


Poster 2:

PDF icon Poster 2: (2.35 MB)

Poster 2: Zero-field energy minimization principle to control the domains size by lines scribed with a laser on surface oriented magnetic structures


Poster 3:

PDF icon Poster 3: (4.34 MB)

Poster 3: Design of a Single Sheet Tester coils' winding for the magnetic, electric, and mechanical measurements of magnetized electrical steels and soft magnetic materials