A new Post-Doc has been recruited to work on the ESSIAL project

Hajer KEZDAGHLI LAGHA holds a PhD in Physics from the Electronic and Microelectronic Research Laboratory of Monastir, in Tunisia. She just joined the ESSIAL team to work on the project as a Post-Doc. She will work within the Research Laboratory of the ESIEE engineering school in Amiens.

Hajer, could you tell us about your education?

I graduated with a Research Master’s degree in nanostructures materials, equipment and microelectronic systems. My research subjects mainly concern the development of a new thermal model based on an electrical-thermal analogy in order to model magnetic components. I then became passionate about modeling using simulation software such as Flux 2D and Comsol which are based on the finite element method.

How would you describe the ESSIAL project?

This project is funded by the Factories of the Future Horizon 2020’s program and aims at reducing acoustic noise, energy losses and also the overall cost of electrical steel products such as motors, transformers or inductors, which are ubiquitous in the manufacturing industry.

How do you wish to contribute to the project?

Thanks to my skills as a Physics Researcher and my knowledge of experimental characterization tools, I will be operational in the realization of experimental devices and the adaptation of assembly points and protocols. On the other hand, I can take part in the outsourcing and the supervision of the project.