A look back at Euramaterials workshop

On Tuesday 22 February Euramatarials organised a workshop related to the laser technologies for structuring, insulating and joining electrical steel. Initially planned on-site, the workshop has to take place online due to the health situation. The workshop brought together around 15 participants, includint stakeholders. It was the opportunity to engage with them and to discuss the functionalization of soft magnetic steels by laser structuring.

Several ESSIAL partners participated and gaves presentations on different aspect of the project:

  • Prescillia Dupont et Maxime Ployard (Jeumont and Unilasalle) presented the impact of surface laser processes by ultra-short pulses on the magnetic properties of electrical steels for electrical machines.
  • Olivier Maloberti and and Elias Samoun (Unilasalle) talked about the optimization of laser process parameters with upscaling in correlation with the magneto-mechanical properties of electrical steels for magnetic components.
  • Camille Pineau (IRT-M2P) has defined the electrical steel manufacturing process and the microscopy analysis wihtin the project.
  • And finally, Anne Henrottin (Lasea) presented the In-line monitoring techniques and up-scalling strategies to optimize the manufacturing and the cost.


Below some screenshots of the on-line workshop.