First recruits

Ms Manar Nesser and Mr Elias Salloum are the first PhD students to be recruited in ESSIAL, at ESIEE and UPJV.

The ESIEE Amiens and UPJV are working on the laser scribing for magnetics and mechanics. They will propose a surface model to illustrate the impact of the laser scribing onto the size of magnetic domains, including a sensitivity analysis on main parameters (dimensions of patterns onto the energy curves as a function of domains size). First patterns specifications will be proposed.

Ms. Manar Nesser will mainly work on Grain - Oriented (GO) Materials with special attention paid onto the magnetic origins of losses. She will investigate the magnetic behavior and loss models taking the magnetic structure, the metallurgy of GO materials and the domains refinement process through the laser into account. She will estimate the impact of grain size, surface quality and magnetic structure on the magnetic behavior and loss in GO materials. A sensitivity analysis of main parameters (sheet thickness, grain size and boundaries, domains size, walls density and mobility, electrical conductivity) on permeability and loss will be performed on one sheet first.

Mr. Elias Salloum will mainly work on Non-Oriented (NO) materials with special attention paid onto the magnetic origins of the induced stresses and vibrations.

He will investigate electromagnetic equations, behavioral laws, magnetostriction and Maxwell stress tensor models taking the vector dynamic hysteresis and the magnetic texturizing process through the laser into account. He will compare orders of magnitude between the magnetostriction and the Maxwell stress to clarify the magnetic origins of major stresses and strains in NO materials. He will estimate the two contributions in one domain example and one sheet first.