ESSIAL presentation at INTERMAG 2021

ESSIAL will take part in the INTERMAG 2021 international conference with a presentation about the project. The 2021 edition of INTERMAG (International Magnetics Conference) will take place from 26 to 30 April 2021 in a virtual format due to the health context. 

ESSIAL member Préscillia Dupont (JEUMONT Electric / LTI) will make a presentation entitled: “Impact of pulsed laser irradiation, scribing and ablation on 2-D scalar and vector magnetic losses and general properties of Grain-Oriented Electrical Steels”. The paper was also submitted for publication in an international journal. More information soon! 


Increasing the efficiency of electrical machines is a global objective. One way to contribute to its fulfilment is to reduce iron losses of soft magnetic materials within their magnetic circuits (stator, rotor, core, …). Improvement of soft magnetic material properties, especially Grain-Oriented Electrical Steels (GOES) based on iron and 3% silicon, is possible using surface laser treatments through the magnetic domain refinement technic and introduction of favorable stress. These improvements are classically obtained for unidirectional excitation fields parallel to the rolling direction, the pronounced easy magnetic axis of GOES. However, in appliances such as rotating electrical machines, the flux lines are not always parallel to this preferred configuration (ex: in the teeth) and can also rotate (ex: in the yoke). In the literature, papers address the development of the expression and measurements of 2-D-magnetic properties, but the behavior of laser treated GOES under rotational and parallel to transverse direction fields remains slightly explored and can be investigated further. Indeed, advanced pulsed laser technologies have been proven to improve magnetic and magneto-mechanical properties significantly under unidirectional field along the rolling direction. They include irradiation and scribing processes but also a new laser process called ablation with ultra-short laser pulses. Therefore, in this research work, the effects of pulsed laser irradiation, scribing and ablation on GOES under transverse and rotational fields are presented. The objective is to optimize the vector behavior of GOES. The study focuses on power losses and B-H curves.