Forthcoming events

Several events are planned until the end of the project:



Organisation of one technical workshop (at Euramaterials) to promote and engage the community in more personal interactions with the project.


Organisation of a technical workshops (at Multitel) to present the project's technology to researchers and engineers.


Participation in Laser World of Photonics 2022 in Munich to promote the results and engage with industry to improve the exploitation of scientific results.


Participation in the Soft Magnetic Materials 2022 conference in Grenoble to present the project results to the scientific community. 

Organisation of a Materials Day workshop at UPJV to engage with university students, and to present the ESSIAL results.


Organisation of a technical workshop (at Fraunhofer IPT) to present the project technology to researchers and engineers.


Organisation of a final Info Day at UniLaSalle (Amiens) to communicate about the final results of the project.