Workshop Fraunhofer IPT: Inline process monitoring for laser machines for electrical steel

Within the ESSIAL project the Fraunhofer IPT has developed an OCT measurement system. On this occasion Fabian Zechel will present the Inline process monitoring for laser machines for electrical steel which are an important part of the project during a workshop that will be held on Wednerday 22 June at 11:00 am for one hour, online


Below, the agenda with the main points that will be discussed during the workshop: 

  • Why process monitoring?

Challenges from focus adjustment to 100% inspection

  • OCT as machine integrated monitoring solution

How OCT works
Possibilities of process monitoring and quality control in the process
Integration strategies into the existing beam path of the process laser

  • Extension of OCT monitoring

Integration challenges
Independent control of the OCT from the processing laser through the dual scanner approach developed in ESSIAL.
Measurement strategies for previously unmeasurable process data

  • Use case examples

Laser structuring
Laser transmission welding
Laser power bed fusion

  • What's next possible?

Fully automated machine calibration
Adaptive controlled laser manufactoring
Realtime data for AI applications


This is a free event upon registration:

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