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Comparison between laser thermal effects and ablation effects with ultrashort pulses laser on GO SiFe electrical steel


Analytical, numerical and experimental analysis of the vibrational behaviour of ahesively composite double-lap joints

  • Auteur.e.s : E. Salloum, G. Challita, A. Alhussein, K. Khalil (Lebanese Univerisity, Lebanon; LIT - UPJV, France; ICD-LASMIS - Université de Technologie de Troyes, France; Université de Nantes - Ecole Centrale Nantes, France)
  • Publié dans : Proceedings 12th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics. Event : 12th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics, Thessaloniki, Greece, 22-25 September 2019
  • 10.5281/zenodo.4724683


The tensor magnetic phase theory for mesoscopic volume structures of soft magnetic materials – Quasi-static and dynamic vector polarization, apparent permeability and losses – Experimental identifications of GO steel at low induction levels


Identification and analysis of static and dynamic magnetization behavior sensitive to surface laser treatments within the electromagnetic field diffusion inside GO SiFe electrical steels


Correlation between laser energetic parameters and magnetic properties of GO laminations under surface treatments with long, short or ultra-short pulsed lasers


Adaptive process monitoring for laser micro structuring of electrical steel using Optical Coherence Tomography with non-colour corrected lenses

  • Auteurs : Fabian Zechela, Rouwen Kunzea, Patrick Widmanna, Robert H. Schmittab (Fraunhofer IPT, Allemagne; Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL), RWTH Aachen University, Allemagne)
  • Publié dans : Procedia CIRP, Volume 94, 2020, Pages 748-752
  • Événement : 11th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies [LANE 2020], 7-10 Septembre 2020


Thermal characterization and diffusivity of two mono-component epoxies for transformer insulation


Identification of magnetic induced strain of electrical steels using non-destructive acceleration measurement and inverse vibration modeling


Experimental impact of pulsed laser irradiation, scribing and ablation on 2-D scalar and vector magnetic losses and general properties of Grain-Oriented Electrical Steels

  • Auteur.e.s : Préscillia Dupont, Manar Nesser, Olivier Maloberti, Julien Dupuy, Marc Lamblin, Maxime Ployard, Daniel Laloy, Jérôme Fortin
  • Publlé dans : 2021 IEEE International Magnetic Conference (INTERMAG), November 2021


Influence of a Laser Irradiation and Laser Scribing on Magnetic Properties of GO Silicon Steels Sheets Using a Nanosecond Fiber Laser

  • Auteur.e.s : Manar Nesser, Olivier Maloberti, Elias Salloum, Julien Dupuy, Jérôme Fortin
  • Publié dans : European Journal of Electrical Engineering, December 2021


Dynamic, Adaptive Inline Process Monitoring for Laser Material Processing by Means of Low Coherence Interferometry


Numerical and Experimental Evaluation and Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Soft Magnetic Transformer Built from Laminated Steel Plates

  • Auteur.e.s : Eduardo Cano-Pleite, Andrés Barrado, Néstor Garcia-Hernando, Emilio Olías, Antonio Soria-Verdugo (Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain)
  • Publié dans : Sensors, 2021; 21(23), 7939


Impact of Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser (USPL) Ablation Process on Separated Loss Coefficients of Grain Oriented Electrical Steels


Experimental Identification and Physical Interpretations of 2-D Tensor Magnetic Properties of a Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Magnetized Between the Rolling and the Transverse Directions


Sheet thickness dependence of magnetization properties based on domains and walls within the non-linear diffusion-like equation for grain-oriented electrical steels