ESSIAL dans les actes de conférence CIRP/LANE 2020

ESSIAL figure dans les actes de conférence de la 11e CIRP sur les technologies photoniques [LANE 2020] qui a eu lieu du 7 au 10 septembre 2020, avec un paper présenté par notre partenaire Fraunhofer IPT. La publication, intitulée "Adaptive process monitoring for laser micro structuring of electrical steel using Optical Coherence Tomography with non-colour corrected lenses" a été publiée dans Procedia CIRP (Volume 94, 2020). 


In laser material processing, precision and quality are important requirements, Therefore 100 % quality inspection is essential. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) offers the possibility of testing process stability in-line. This paper applies OCT as an in-line quality control system at different scales concerning process implementation. Its aim is an upscaling of the sensor technology for laser micro-processing of electrical steel to increase the efficiency of electrical machines. While using the same beam path, a dynamic possibility had to be created to compensate the spot-offset between laser and sensor. For this, an additional pair of galvanometer-scanners was implemented into the setup to enable independent control of the measuring beam and subsequently compensate the offset.